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Tactile Ground Surface Indicators for the Vision Impaired
Guardian Tactile Systems

Warning indicators - working with councils around Australia

Warning Indicators
Guardian Tactile warning indicators are used at crossings in all States.

Guardian Tactile Systems are now supplying over 200 councils throughout Australia with warning, directional and flat tactiles. Guardian's nationwide installation teams have been professionally fitting the Peel, Bond & Walk™, Polyurethane tactiles at crossings, jetty's, walkways, bus stops, pram ramps, car parks, kerbs, steps, etc.

Feedback from Councils advise that savings due to ease of installation - and the no downtime factor, make Guardian Tactiles more cost effective than any other surface indicators on the market. The facts that the tactiles can be installed with minimal disruption to pedestrian traffic and walked on immediately after they are laid is a contributing reasons for their popularity with councils.

Guardian Tactile's 5 year Installation Warranty and 10 year Manufacturer's Warranty enhances cost effectiveness for councils when compared with other types of cheaper tactiles such as clay, ceramic and rubber which are sometimes known to crack or peel after a short installation period.

The Peel, Bond & Walk™ installation also means Guardian Tactiles can be fitted into small areas that would be difficult or impossible for laying indicators in alternative materials, such as concrete, tile and ceramic.

Guardian Tactiles are weatherproof to all kinds of climatic conditions and impervious to the sun's UV rays. They are currently being used by over 200 councils throughout Australia as part of their DDA Compliance.

Indicators used by Council
Aussie bus stops installed with Guardian Tactiles by Councils.

Design & Quality Guaranteed

Guardian is so confident that our Tactile Ground Surface Indicator will withstand any natural condition, that we offer a 10 year warranty*. Ensuring your peace of mind like no other tactile.

10 Year Tactile Guarantee
  • UV resistant anywhere in Australia
  • Stable polyurethane compound eliminates cracking and/or lifting
  • Unique Peel, Bond & Walk® adhesive - only available with our product
  • Completely colour fast - will not fade
  • Meets all non-slip and material resistance requirements

    * Conditions apply

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