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Tactile Ground Surface Indicators for the Vision Impaired
Guardian Tactile Systems

Guardian Tactile's Peel, Bond & Walk Revolution

Peel, Bond and Walk Peel, Bond and Walk
Guardian Tactile's Warning Tiles, WA & SA.

Guardian Tactile's ground surface indicators are used to warn people who are blind or vision impaired that they are approaching a hazardous situation. Guardian Tactile Systems have pioneered Peel, Bond & Walk® ground surface indicators, with outstanding and far-reaching benefits for those with sight impairment and for those who wish to install them:

  • Fast, easy, low cost installation;
  • No special skills required;
  • Can be walked on immediately;
  • Minimal disruption to workforce or pedestrians during installation.

Deliveries Going in All Directions

Due to the Guardian Tactiles being relatively light, they can be easily packed and dispatched for use nationally and internationally using overnight or parcel couriers. This makes them ideal for use in remote areas where bulky and costly machinery and labour would need to be bought in for alternative solutions - such as concrete tactile indicators. Guardian despatches tactiles to clients in City and Rural areas around Australia on a daily basis. Over 200 councils and many leading construction companies are a part of Guardian's customer base.

Public and private buildings in smaller towns and remote areas can purchase small orders and self-install with a minimum of effort requiring no labour or machinery. The Peel and Bond nature of Guardian Tactiles means a no-mess installation with no cleaning-up required - and they can be walked on immediately.

The Shape of Things

Guardian Tactiles are produced as squares making them modular and able to be combined in endless configurations. The unique formulation of these tiles makes them easy to cut accurately into shapes required by unusual ground layouts.

Specialists with a Specialist Focus

Guardian Tactiles and our Agents throughout Australia specialise in Tactile Ground Surface Indicators. As specialists, we are able to provide assistance in installation techniques ensuring the best possible results at all times.

Design & Quality Guaranteed

Guardian is so confident that our Tactile Ground Surface Indicator will withstand any natural condition, that we offer a 10 year warranty*. Ensuring your peace of mind like no other tactile.

10 Year Tactile Guarantee
  • UV resistant anywhere in Australia
  • Stable polyurethane compound eliminates cracking and/or lifting
  • Unique Peel, Bond & Walk® adhesive - only available with our product
  • Completely colour fast - will not fade
  • Meets all non-slip and material resistance requirements

    * Conditions apply

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