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Tactile Ground Surface Indicators for the Vision Impaired
Guardian Tactile Systems

Ground surface indicators at Murdoch University

Murdoch University
Guardian Tactile Systems Pty Ltd wins external installation tender.

Over 5,000 Guardian Polyurethane Tactiles have been installed throughout the Murdoch University Campus. There is still thousands more tiles to be laid in this ongoing project as part of Murdoch's DDA Compliance.

Guardian Tactile Systems won the external tender over other types of TGSI's due to CSIRO testing and rating of their tactiles. The rating certified and stated that Guardian Polyurethane tactiles have the similar wear resistance as granite.

The warning tactiles assist, students, teachers, staff and visitors to travel the University grounds and stairways more safely - especially those who are vision impaired. Guardian tactiles provide a warning to people that they are approaching an impending hazard allowing them time to make the necessary adjustments to their stance to negotiate the potential risk. When a person is approaching a set of stairs for example, their feet sense the change in the ground environment because of the tactiles beneath them and they automatically slow down and exercise caution before arriving at the stairway.

Guardian Tactile Systems Pty Ltd have also tendered for the internal tactile installation at Murdoch University and anticipate a successful outcome for their product to be the one of choice once again.

Design & Quality Guaranteed

Guardian is so confident that our Tactile Ground Surface Indicator will withstand any natural condition, that we offer a 10 year warranty*. Ensuring your peace of mind like no other tactile.

10 Year Tactile Guarantee
  • UV resistant anywhere in Australia
  • Stable polyurethane compound eliminates cracking and/or lifting
  • Unique Peel, Bond & Walk® adhesive - only available with our product
  • Completely colour fast - will not fade
  • Meets all non-slip and material resistance requirements

    * Conditions apply

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